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Small Business of the Month — Woodstock Bakery & Co.

Congratulations to Woodstock Bakery & Co. for being recognized as the Greater Jackson Chamber’s Small Business of the Month! 

The owners of Woodstock Bakery & Co. share the story of what inspired them to start their small business. With a rich history of positivity and a commitment to serving their community, this bakery has become a local favorite and a beacon of uplifting messages.  

For nearly a decade, Laniey Upton Hayes had been an employee at Woodstock, faithfully serving the delicious treats that captured the hearts of their customers. Reflecting on her journey, Laniey credits the bakery's founders, Matt and Dale Childress, for the initial success of Woodstock. The bakery's vision and dedication to creating a positive environment inspired Laniey and Lexie to turn their dream into their own reality.  

Woodstock, known for its diverse menu offering delightful desserts, deli options, and breakfast delicacies, has been serving the Jackson community for over 11 years. However, it wasn't until November 2022 that Lainey and her sister, Lexie, took over the ownership, infusing their own passion and creativity into the beloved establishment.  

One of the unique aspects that sets Woodstock apart is their commitment to spreading joy through their uplifting quotes. From the beginning, the original owners initiated the practice of including these messages in every box. Today, Lainey and Lexie continue this tradition, believing that these quotes play a small but vital role in brightening their customers' days.  

In addition to cupcakes and cake balls, Woodstock offers a wide range of treats, including macaroons, breads, chess squares, and their famous spicy Cheez-Its. With a dedicated baker working diligently from the early hours of the morning, the bakery ensures that every item is freshly made before opening its doors to eager customers.  

The true success of Woodstock Bakeshop lies in the testimonials and stories shared by their loyal patrons. The inspirational quotes that accompany every purchase have left a lasting impact on many lives. Customers express their gratitude for the messages, with some even cutting them out and displaying them at home or work. It is this tangible connection that fuels the passion of the owners and reminds them of the profound difference they make in people's lives. Laniey and Lexie extend their heartfelt gratitude to the customers who continue to support local businesses.  

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