Strong Communities®

January 21, 2020

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Research shows that people who play to their strengths are three times more likely to enjoy their life, six times more engaged at work, and enjoy better health. Strong Communities®, a Relationship Architects curriculum, is an innovative strengths-based approach to personal, professional and leadership development that focuses on the innate strengths within each individual. Utilizing the CliftonStrengths Assessment, completed by over 22 million people worldwide, Strong Communities® is helping people and communities of all kinds discover their Unique Genius. Strong Communities® not only opens gateways to an individual's own personal and professional development; it results in both intact teams and communities of diverse stakeholders sharing a common language that results in cohesion and collaboration.

In West Tennessee alone, close to 1000 people have experienced a Strong Communities® workshop. On average, local businesses are reporting lower turnover rates, increased productivity and higher engagement.

Lori Weir, Strong Communities® CEO.

“As a native West Tennessean, it is beyond exciting for our region to serve as the epicenter of this global movement. Our hope is that you already have the privilege and pleasure of being a part of one or more communities that focus on what you do well. Strong Communities® offers an innovative strengths-based approach to cultural transformation that fosters a return to civil discourse and is reaping beautiful dividends for communities of all kinds,” says CEO, Lori Weir.

Shari Strong
Shari Strong, Strong Communities® COO.

“Imagine a region comprised of people who understand each other, understand their own unique value proposition, and are also aware of the natural talents of other community members. This is the culture that Strong Communities® strives to create,” says COO, Shari Strong.

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