Tacos 4 Life: A Restaurant Serving Jackson Tacos For A Cause

February 16, 2023

Tacos 4 Life arrived in North Jackson in 2018 as a franchise location of the company founded on making “craft tacos for a cause.” Within its five years of business here, the location has raised 750,000 meals to be donated to starving children around the world.

“At Tacos 4 Life we believe every child deserves to run, play and laugh without feeling the agony of hunger,” said Aaron Machen, Multi-Unit Operating Partner of the Jackson, TN location. “The founders envisioned a brand where guests can eat good and do good, which sparked the creation of ‘Meal 4 Meal.’ At Tacos 4 Life, for every Taco or food item that is bought, we donate a meal to a starving child.”

In the few years since its first taco was served here in Jackson, the restaurant has become an intricate part of the city it loves. “We love working with children and churches to help spread God's love here in town. We love getting involved and can’t wait to do more with the city in the coming years!” said Machen.

The restaurant hopes to grow its business more in the coming years with goals to “grow in order to serve 1 million meals a day to starving children,” said Machen. Tacos 4 Life strives to make food that you will enjoy while helping to end world hunger one taco at a time.

For more information about Tacos 4 Life, including ordering, catering, and Meal 4 Meal initiative information visit their website at https://www.tacos4life.com/locations/jackson.