Tennessee takes on Florida in Contest to find Strongest Town in North America

March 20, 2023

Oviedo, Florida and Jackson, Tennessee will face off in the first round bracket of the Strongest Town
Contest, with voters from across the continent deciding which will advance to the Elite Eight round of this
March Madness-style tournament.

The Strongest Town Contest spotlights and celebrates communities that are continuously becoming more
resilient and prosperous through bottom-up action.

strongest town in america bracket


The winner of this year’s Strongest Town Contest will receive accommodations for a representative to
attend the Strong Towns National Gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they will receive an
award and serve as an honored guest. Strong Towns will also produce a special video about the
winning community for a national audience, holding them out as an example of how cities can build
their economic resilience from the bottom-up.

The contest is modeled after the NCAA March Madness tournament, with communities advancing in
single-elimination match-ups each week throughout March and April. The winner will be announced
Friday, April 14.

For more information, visit strongtowns.org/strongesttown. To cast your vote for Jackson to make it to the next round, visit https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2023/3/20/stc2023-r1-oviedo-jackson.


Lauren Fisher || Communications Manager for Strong Towns

Megan Sladek || Mayor of Oviedo, FL
(407) 687-3524

Kenneth Cummings || Communications Director for the City of Jackson, Tennessee
(731) 425-8572