The City of Jackson Recognizes Dr. Kristyn Mayberry as Hub City Hero

November 1, 2023

Lane College Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Kristyn Mayberry has been selected as September 2023 Hub City Hero.

Dr. Mayberry’s nominator said that she is an “outstanding individual” who “returned home to Jackson with the initiative to revamp and re-establish the education program and Lane College to prepare, mentor, and advise future educators.” Her nominator also said that she is a “helping hand to anyone who crosses her path and is passionate about education and mental health awareness.”

Dr. Mayberry said that she has always wanted to give back to her community.

“The community is so important to me. I grew up in the east Jackson area. I attended Jackson Central Merry High School and I've always been passionate about giving back and pouring into others especially the young adults and students in the community,” said Dr. Mayberry. “I feel like they need a mentor and advisor and someone that's focused on their whole-selves.”

Dr. Mayberry is an advocate for mental health. She believes in pouring out into citizens and making sure they are successful in what they choose to do.

“I offer social and emotional training and sessions not only for the youth but for adults as well,” said Dr. Mayberry. “So I would appreciate if we could dig a little deeper within the community into how we are doing mentally, emotionally.”

Dr. Mayberry said that she is really big on change and that it’s necessary to get to where people want to be in life.

“Just have the drive to go out and do it and if you don't have the support at first, know that you have to stick with it and eventually others will pour into what you're doing if it's positive and if it's going to affect the lives of others.”

“Heroes recognize the importance of home,” said Mayor Scott Conger. “Dr. Mayberry’s commitment to helping her community in the area of mental health and education is a benefit to our city.”

“Hub City Heroes” selflessly and steadily give of their time and talent to improve the lives of others in the community. Recognition as a hero is one small way to thank these public servants for their efforts and it gives honorees the opportunity to raise awareness for causes that are important to them.


  • Committed to improving the quality of life of others in Jackson
  • Contributes time to community activities in a volunteer capacity
  • Serves as a role model and inspiration to others
  • Focuses on growth and well-being of the community we serve
  • Empowers and engages others to give back
  • Demonstrates integrity, collaboration, innovation and respect

Recipients will be selected monthly and nominations are continuous. To nominate a hero, visit Candidates must be a resident of Jackson, Tennessee

After a year of heroes have been recognized, one hero will be selected and awarded $1,000 to donate to a non-profit of their choice. For more information, visit