US Ignite Announces Five New Smart Gigabit Communities

July 5, 2017

Pictured left to right: Tosh Newman, City of Jackson; Bill Nance, Associate Dean, McAfee School of Business @ Union University, Kerrie Brooks, Creative Services Coordinator, Jackson Energy Authority and Steve Bowers, Communications Manager, Jackson Energy Authority.

Jackson has been included in the most recent list of a national network of Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) by US Ignite.

Each community in the network has made a significant commitment toward embracing next-generation smart city and Internet technologies to keep pace with the world’s rapidly changing technology and economy. US Ignite, a nonprofit organization, spurs the creation of next-generation applications and services that leverage advanced networking technologies to build the foundation for smart communities.


In a press release, the organization said Jackson Energy Authority, a key partner and fiber pioneer, is dedicated to aligning Jackson’s gigabit infrastructure as a tool, test bed, and accelerator for economic, educational, and community benefit. “Jackson has focused efforts on bringing ultra-fast Internet speeds to help assure innovation as it relates to the next generation of education, medical care, public safety, and economic development.”

The newest communities listed among the 19 Smart Gigabit Communities also include Washington DC; Albuquergue, New Mexico; Phoenix; and San Diego.

The SGC program facilitates collaboration among municipalities, network carriers and other corporate partners, nonprofit organizations, and the university research community. Together, these organizations work to develop smart gigabit applications that address local community needs, including education, workforce development, public safety, community health, smart energy, and transportation.

Each SGC will develop two gigabit applications or gigabit services per year that provide advanced technology solutions to issues faced by that community. They also agree to share those applications with the other SGCs.