Jackson Hidden Tracks Online Artist Directory Initiative

March 7, 2023

Visit Jackson, TN is excited to announce the launch of the Online Artist Directory for its Jackson Hidden Tracks initiative, which aims to promote the diverse and talented musicians in Jackson, Tennessee. The initiative provides locals and travelers with an opportunity to learn more about the city's unique music scene and culture.

The new online artist directory is a comprehensive platform that allows users to filter through a wide range of local artists by genre, covers or originals, and availability. It provides an easy and efficient way for music lovers to discover new artists and learn about their music.

"We are thrilled to launch the Jackson Hidden Tracks online artist directory, which will serve as a valuable resource for music lovers looking to explore the vibrant music scene of Jackson, TN," said Lori Nunnery, Executive Director of Visit Jackson, TN. "We believe that this initiative will not only benefit the artists but also help to bring more attention to our city's unique culture and history."

Jackson Hidden Tracks Artist Directory

Nunnery also recognizes the impressive work of Stephanie Riley and the team at B3 Creative Agency for creating the conversation, implementing and bringing the project to life.

Each artist on the directory has their own page that includes their bio and information, as well as a link to share their page with others easily. This feature is especially beneficial for those artists who may not have their own website, giving them a platform to showcase their work.

The site randomly populates when refreshed, so users will see a different artist order each time, making the browsing experience more dynamic and exciting.

"We encourage local artists to sign up and join our directory to help us promote the music scene in Jackson, TN," said Nunnery. "We hope this initiative will bring more exposure to the diverse talents we have right here in our city."

To sign up for the artist directory, simply click on the "Join the Artist Directory" button, and it will link you to the sign-up form.

For more information on the Jackson Hidden Tracks initiative and the new artist directory, visit JacksonHiddenTracks.com or call 731-425-8333.